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Mauricio Muñoz

Mauricio Muñoz was born in Los Angeles, California.

As a child, Mauricio lived in the tropical land of Costa Rica, where he had easy access to both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. Mauricio remained a frequent visitor of the ocean during the twenty years he lived in Latin America. In 1994, Mauricio returned to the United States to pursue an MBA degree at SCSU in Minnesota. Upon completion of his graduate education Mauricio moved to Massachusetts, where he continued diving the Atlantic shores. In 2003 Mauricio moved back to California, this time to establish his residency in the Bay Area.

Having met many divers from various locations spread out across the state, Mauricio decided to start CaliDivers -an internet based SCUBA divers networking group- in 2004.


On March of 2012 Mauricio and a core group of his fellow divers founded the CaliDivers SCUBA Diving Club with the objective of promoting and facilitating SCUBA-related events and activities amongst all the club members.

Mauricio has dove both US coasts along with many tropical sites in Latin America. He is also a certified SCUBA Instructor, an avid explorer and a world traveler.Two of Mauricio’s favorite diving experiences are diving amongst a school of more than 30 spinner dolphins in the Big Island of Hawaii, and diving the pristine deep-blue waters of Lake Tahoe, California.


Kent McCue

Kent McCue was born and raised in Berkeley, California. He has a BA in biology from Harvard College, a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from UC Davis and is currently a plant molecular geneticist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Albany, CA. 

Kent enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and gardening. Kent practices martial arts weekly and holds a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and a third degree black belt in Kumdo (Korean Kendo). In the winter he competes in Slalom and Grand Slalom in Open League Racing. Kent got his SSI Open Water SCUBA certification in Monterey in 2010 with his eldest daughter Cristina. In 2015 Kent refreshed his open water certification and became a NAUI certified diver while getting his children Ian and Nicole certified in Monterey (his wife Heather’s certification is pending). They have since enjoyed diving in Monterey, Hawaii, Greece and Mexico. Kent has since completed Nitrox and Advanced Scuba Certification, and has nearly completed his Rescue Diver and Training Assistant certification.

Kent is also a co-founder of Investigen, Inc., a co-founder and secretary of LevGo, Inc., treasurer of the Albany USDA Club, vice president of The Potato Association of America, and winter vice-president of The Alpineer Club.


Yuen Man Ma Muñoz

Wendy Muñoz learned to dive over 10 years ago. She has dove many world destinations including Costa Rica, Thailand, Bonaire, Cuba and Hawai'i, among others.

She holds a bachelor's degree in fashion design and currently works in San Francisco for a major fashion apparel company.

Wendy is SCUBA Diver Certified, Nitrox Diver certified, and Advanced Diver certified.

Some of Wendy's favorite dives take place among the spinner dolphins and the mantas of the Big Island of Hawai'i, and also in the warm and transparent waters of the Cuba shores.

Wendy plans to do future dives in many world destinations — that's one of the best things about being a SCUBA Diver: you have a great excuse to travel the world!


John S. Jacob

John was born in Southern California, raised in Palo Alto, California, and currently lives in El Cerrito, California with his wife and son. He writes software and manages software development teams professionally. His hobbies include playing electric guitar, singing, running, swimming, and the recently added SCUBA diving.

Since receiving his SCUBA certification in December 2015 he dove off the island of Palawan in the Philippines and at Point Lobos, Carmel. He continues to enjoy diving with the club every few months. John hopes his son will gain certification in a few years.


Edie Marshall

Edie Marshall is a veterinary epidemiologist working for the State of California on antimicrobial use and stewardship.  She is an avid traveler and first learned to dive in the warm waters of Bali.  She finally took the "plunge" to get certified after snorkeling over the shallow USAT Liberty Wreck at Tulamben, Bali, and deciding it was time to get a better view.  On the CaliDivers inaugural trip to Cuba in 2016, she discovered her spirit fish (the Creole wrasse) and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Cuban people.  Edie looks forward to continuing to experience the beauty of the underwater world that sometimes inhabits her dreams.


Jerry Balmoria

Born in the midwest, Jerry moved to California over a decade ago in search for the beach and the good weather.

Jerry has a wide range of experience ranging from sales positions to a professional


A few years ago years ago Jerry got SCUBA certified.

In spring of 2018 he visited Philippines where he dove in the company of his wife.

This trip plus his families encouragement encouraged Jerry to pursue a higher SCUBA diving training and education, becoming a certified Dive Master in 2018.

In the future, Jerry plans to visit the Caribbean, Hawai'i, the Channel Islands National Park and many other dive paradises in the company of the nicest California divers - CaliDivers!

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