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To become a club member you must do two things: 

1) Fill out a club membership application and the release of liability forms below:

2) Send the correct payment to:

        PO Box 3195
        Hayward, CA 94540

           *make checks payable to "CaliDivers"

You may also hand the forms and member fees to an officer before your first dive in Monterey.

Membership Prices:

  • Individual-$40.00

Membership Incentives

We dive more often than most other dive organizations in California. We also dive a wide variety of dive sites and specialties, including deep diving, wreck diving, night diving, and more. Our casual and friendly environment enables new divers to gain more experience, watching and learning from others. 

We also offer our divers significantly discounted air fills, low-cost boat dives, as well as the possibility of further SCUBA certification and training through the friendly and professional network of diving instructors who belong to our club.

CaliDivers' Annual Tahoe Camping and Dive Trip, 2016

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