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As members of one of the most exciting US-based SCUBA organizations we believe that:

  • The oceans should always be free for all

  • It is our duty to protect and preserve the natural marine resources while making sustainable use of them

  • Our club's fundamental principle is "Dive safely, dive at your own risk, and enjoy your dives"

We invite you to join us and enjoy the benefits of membership:

  • Participation in our local, regional, and international SCUBA diving trips and events

  • Access to our web site's members-only section, which includes a members forum and an annual calendar of events.

  • Get to know your dive buddies during our quarterly BBQ picnics and / or dinner feasts

  • Have SCUBA questions? Want to know what the best gear out there is, or where are the best places to dive? There is plenty of knowledge-sharing that goes around during any of our club events, and you are welcome to share your opinions too.

  • Enjoy boat and gear discounts thru any of our club-sponsored group purchases and trips.

Founded in 2004, the CaliDivers Dive Network became a 501(c) (7) not-for-profit recreational club in March of 2012.

Our officers welcome you as we invite you to immerse yourself into one of the most live-changing experiences a human being can partake in: the practice of SCUBA diving.

To join us, simply select the "Join" tab above and follow the instructions listed on the page. 


Dive Safely, Dive At Your Own Risk, And Enjoy Your Dive!

The CaliDivers Officers 



CaliDivers' Annual Tahoe Camping and Dive Trip, 2016

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